Sunday May 14, 2017
Start: 14:00
End: 16:00

It is always a delight to visit these beautiful woods above the river Inny especially in spring when the trees are fresh into leaf and spring flowers carpet the woods. This is a Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserve and the bat population is closely monitored by Tony Atkinson and the Cornwall Bat Group twice a year in May and October when our wildlife group is invited to join them (and we bring the tea & cake!).

Great chance to learn more about bats and we have able to see any that are being handled by the licensed or trainee bat workers.

Monday May 29, 2017
Start: 08:30
End: 17:00

Although not a wildlife group event as such, this circular walk around the parish boundary gives many opportunities to observe and record wildlife in areas which are not usually open to the public. And you will be walking through some lovely countryside.

There will be further details later but the main points are:

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