The U3A (University of the Third Age) exisits to improve the minds and bodies of its members. Members normally have to be 55 years of age and have access to a number of interest groups of which the Wildlife Group is one. LAPWG is exploring ways in which we can provide support to this group and coordinate recording of information to add to our wildlife data.

The group normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month.


Visit to Slimbridge

Most activities revolve around field trips designed to look at the natural history of our local area. Because of the interests and skills of its leaders, the emphasis tends to be on plants and birds, although we try to draw in expertise on other species. As a group we also contribute to the Parish Wildllife project by completing diaries and recording our events.  


In the past twelve months the following activities have taken place:

Visit to Slimbridge and the Somerset Levels

Walked the Camel Trail

Trip to Tresillian river looking for waders

Visit to Tregulland looking for dragonflies and plants

Avocet cruise from Starcross

Visit to Plympton to view nesting peregrines

East Penrest to see woodland plants

Lezant searching for orchids

North Cornwall coast to seek butterflies

Lundy Island TripÂ

Our trips are sometimes coupled with a communal lunch!


In addition the group is helping Lawrence House Museum with its Herbarium. The Wise Herbarium (six large volumes of pressed plants) was put together at the end of the 19th century, and the group is planning to survey the local patch to see if the species in the Herbarium are still growing.


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Group Contacts:
Coordinator: Tessa Baker Tel 01566 776628; e-mail:
Data analyst: Malcolm Wright Tel 01566 776302; e-mail: