Wildlife Diary

The Wildlife Diary is designed for members to keep a record of what they see in a fixed area that is visited regularly. This could be their garden, the lane or patch where they exercise the dog, walk to school, or take the family for relaxation, such as a local park or nature reserve. This way we can build up a picture of how things change over the years. If there is no suitable area to record in, the Parish Coordinator will be able to suggest a patch close by.

Each local Wildlife Group provides a Species Checklist of about 200 species from various species groups - Birds, Butterflies, Mammals etc - Female Sparrowthat are selected by the County Wildlife Trust on the grounds that

  • They are expected to be seen in the local branch area
  • Can be identified without too much difficulty

The Species Checklist is designed to keep everything as simple as possible and members only have to enter two parameters for every species seen - a number and the nature of the record, an an optional date for the date that they see the most of each species at any one time. To record more information about any species, even those not on the list second form, the Events Diary is provided

Both Forms can be downloaded from the appropriate parish section.

If you want to see a leaflet describing all the details of Keeping a Wildlife Diary click the download button below

Download Wildlife Diary Leaflet pdf version for A parsh
  Word Version that you can adapt for your parish