Local Experts


Informal training of members is provided by local experts who voluntarily attend events. See About Events for further details.This section provides details and availability of Experts for those people that arrange them, principally individual Group Administrators of Parishes and Study groups. Experts can add and edit their details to show what they can offer, when they are available and also indicate the Activities and types of Habitat that they would like to be involved with. Event organisers should check to see if there are specific areas that Experts are interested in as their support is vital to the training of members.

The Role 'Expert' can only be given to a User by the Site Admin, but any Expert can then add and edit their own details. Add or edit availability and interests of existing Experts

Please Note.The people listed here cannot guarantee that they will be available for any event some time in the future. The Experts can be contacted to confirm an interest in an event, but then the organisers of the event should confirm their availability 2-3 weeks before it.