Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy.

The Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group (LAPWG) web-site collects some essential information about its members in order to be able to contact you about all our activities and events; it also helps us to keep the site secure by identifying SPAM.
This information is supplied by you when you apply for a User Account and Login.
Only our administrators (Group Co-ordinators or Data Analysts and the Site Manager) have access to this information and they will make themselves known to you.
If you decide to record wildlife species & events using our Wildlife Diary forms, your name is attached to the record but not made public via the web-site. The data is collated and published under parish findings.
Wildlife information from our database may be passed on to third parties (e.g.: Environmental Record Centre for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and other specialist groups with similar aims & interests) but personal details of recorders, other than their names, will not be passed on without prior permission being given by the individual in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

This web-site uses ‘cookies’. These are small text files that are stored on your computer as you browse our pages. They record which pages are looked at and how often and help us to organise the web-site more effectively. They allow a member to log in and then move around the site without having to login onto each new page. They do not store any personal information and are safe.

Because of this we would prefer you to allow this practice to continue however, if you would rather not then you can block this by adjusting settings in your web browser. See here for details.

By not blocking cookies in your browser, you are permitting us to continue to use them.
The cookies we use ( _utma _utmc _utmz) are set by Google Analytics and do not hold any personal data.