Wood anemone

The Plants Study Group.

1. To develop the interests and skills of members in plant observations and to record the findings
2. Establish the plant diversity of the local area and its diverse habitats

Members can study independently using prepared booklet lists or share with others.

Some members of our group now join in with activities including walks organised by the Botanical Cornwall Group led by Ian Bennallick. Several walks are arranged for our area of Cornwall.

You can also refer to our Quarterly Plant Lists and the Common Species Booklet 

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Would you like to join this group? if so, please use the contact below.

Our first booklet project was the Common Species Plant Booklet and this has been followed by other formats (scientific name/common name) and includes a booklet for the less common species. Both can be studied together.


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Group Contacts:
Jen Bousfield 01566 782 661 jenbousfield@gmail.com