ALatarnun Habitat mapAltarnun parish is the largest of the parishes we are working with. It is dominated to the west and the south by Bodmin Moor, rising to heights of ca 350m and has several areas ofInny valley looking west toward Laneast Village Wetland. Four important Rivers drain the area - The Inney, the Penpont, The Fowey and the the Lynher. The first two eventually join and flow into the Tamar, east of Launceston, while the other two take a southerly direction to the south coast. The A30 cuts though the centre of the parish.

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This is one of the few areas where the Cuckoo can still be heard. Golden Plover have wintered on sections of the moor and are still seen, though there are signs that Global Warming is influencing the winter migration to Cornwall. Wheatear are among the first summer migrants to arrive and stay with us on the rocky sections of the moor. All the species that the Altarnun members have recorded in a regular Wildlife Diary downloadable from the site are show in Findings - a series of automatically updated reports covering statistics and analysis of the species by year and quarter, since 2003.

Elephant Rock on BeaconFowey valley and BolventorThere are many important areas for our members to visit with local experts and develop their identification skills.

An outline programme of events for the year in all the parishes are shown as part of the Launceston Area Overview. 

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A wider flavour of the habitat and species being seen by members in the parish can be see in the Image Gallery.

Altarnun is one of the 5 initial parishes in the Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group. Details of the other parishes are shown in Parishes and Groups and what we are learning from these groups as a whole is presented in Launceston Area Overview.

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  • Stoat
  • Inny valley Altarnun
  • Grey Squirrel
  • Young Tawny Owls
  • Trewint Tor from the south - on the A30
  • Lesser Horseshoe Bat
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • Cricket
  • Red Deer
  • Tolborough Tor above Blackhill Down, north of Bolventor, from Trezelland
  • Ancient stone circle
  • Emperor Moth