North Petherwin was one of the last to join the original group of 5 parishes in North Cornwall. More than 20 people have contributed to the study since 2003 - see Summary Stats on people contributing and records collectedNP parish from the south. Since Spring 2010 there has sadly, been only one recording site within the Parish. It is to be hoped that additional recorders can be recruited in the near future. If you are resident in North Petherwin and would like to take part please let us know via the 'Contact Us' button.

The Parish is bordered by the River Ottery to the south, the Bolesbridge Water in the east and with the Caudworthy Water running north-south towards the western edge. These rivers have produced a slightly hilly relief which provides some nice views of the Parish itself and towards both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor. The highest point at 183m is near Clubworthy.

There are fewer than 1000 inhabitants in North Petherwin which is a rural and agricultural area with a large percentage of improved grassland, but there are some nice wetland areas (including some Culm grassland) along the many tributaries of the Ottery, the Bolesbridge Water and the Caudworthy Water. There is also some interesting woodland including Weston Wood and the Milllenium Wood. There are about 19km of public footpaths within the Parish providing plenty of opportunity for countryside walks and the chance to see the variety of wildlife on offer. North Petherwin is also home to the Tamar Otter and Wildlife Centre.


North Petherwin Habitat

Maps of the Parish . A Parish map, showing the habitations, road, lane and footpath access, tetrads and any key parish features and also a Habitat Map, that will show the distribution of woodland, wetland improved grassland etc, so we can identify the key areas to visit within the parish


At the moment there are no events planned to be held in North Petherwin but anyone who would liker to take part in any of the wildlife events arranged by the other participating parishes will be more than welcome to join in. 

An outline programme of events for the year in all the parishes is shown as part of the Launceston Area Overview.

Findings of the Group This section provides analysis of all the records reported in the Quarterly Diaries by the group. It allows for example, comparisons of the species found in any species  group in any quarter, year by year, identifies the most common, least seen and even the species on the diary checklist that have so far not been recorded by parish members, together with a search for any individual species to show when , where and by whom it was seen. There will also be lists of all the 'Special Events' (records with notes on a given species observation) reported by parish members. We will also add written reports analysing any trends in the results over longer periods of time. The first report will cover the 5 year period between 2003 and 2008.

Diary Downloads  Members can download diaries for a new quarter as well as notes on what to species to look for in the current quarter. The Downloads are available as MS Word documents that can be filled in on line, or as a pdf file - basically an image of the form that is easily printed and filled on off-line.

An Image Gallery  which shows thumbnails of pictures added to the library and tagged with the parish name.Why not add some more landscape pictures of North Petherwin, using Add Library Photo, when logged in?

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  • Bolesbridge Water valley above Bolesbridge
  • River Ottery and Hymalayan Balsam
  • Rural scene near River Ottery east of Hellescott bridge
  • Road to Brazacott from North Petherwin
  • Long View of North Petherwin across the Ottery from St Stephens Parish
  • Bolesbridge Water valley and Petherwin Wood
  • River Ottery Flood plain east of Hellesott bridge
  • Tawny Owlet
  • Millennium Wood and N Petherwin Church tower from Bodgate