St Clether were one of the first parishes to join the Parish-Wildlife Project. They were more or less guinea pigs. Much haSt Clether habitats changed since then, both in terms of project structure and in leadership in the parish. Lucilla and Charlie took over from Vanda Inman in August 2003. Brenda became Coordinator in mid 2005. In 2008  the role became shared between Brenda and Sue Morey.

The Parish has a lot of improved, agricultural land, but it has some fine heathland to the NE of the parish and some good wetland associated with the River Inny, which flows through the centre of the parish, and its tributaries and the River Penpont which rises on the The lower Pond at Ta Mill; looking East down the Inny ValleySW corner of the parish. There are several ponds in the parish. Sites at Tregulland, Ta Mill, Basil Manor and West park have been visited to record invertebrates. Wetland close to the Holy Well and the Heathland at Napps Moor have also been the focus for group meetings. 

An outline programme of events for the year in all the parishes is shown as part of the Launceston Area Overview

Details of the Events and reports on them will be shown in Activities. All the events from all the parishes in the scheme are currrently presented in the Activities section of LAPW

There is no moorland as part of the parish, but it borders the southern and western boundaries and influences the range of Wildlife Gold Spot Moth. found and photographed by Sue as part of the Moths studyrecorded by Parish member. These include the Brown hare, the Raven, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine and a Red Kite. Moths are recorded regularly at Tremeer as part of the Moths Study Group.  All the species that the St Clether members have recorded in a regular Wildlife Diary downloadable from the site are shown in Findings - a series of automatically updated reports covering statistics and analysis of the species by year and quarter, since 2003.

A wider flavour of the habitat and species being seen by members in the parish can be see in the Image Gallery.

St Clether is one of the 5 initial parishes in the Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group. Details of the other parishes are shown in Parishes and Groups and what we are learning from these groups as a whole is presented in Launceston Area Overview.

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Brenda Parker 01566 86180 and Sue Morey 01566 86761
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  • Little Grebe
  • Brown Hare
  • Yellow barred brindle
  • Inny Valley St Clether in the NE of the parish
  • St Clether Holy Well, Inny valley
  • Wildlife Bouquet - Painted Lady and Misumena vatia spider on Knapweed
  • kingfisher