A surprise encounter of a slithery kind… (from Alison)

Alison (thank you) asked me to pass this on…

“Whilst looking at our garden pond fish last Friday, I was greeted by the largest Grass Snake I have ever seen, a good three foot long, swimming along the edge of the pond and in the process of catching one of our frogs. Eric, of course, thought this was wonderful, but those of you who know of my complete phobia for all things slithery will understand that, whilst I am pleased to think that this magnificent specimen of the species exists, I would rather it was in someone else’s garden! It dropped the frog when Eric went up to it & disappeared into the undergrowth beyond the pond. Needless to say, I shall not be doing any weeding in that area. No doubt it will have re-appeared to try to catch the poor frog who got away…!” Pete’s just said that he completely understands; even a slow worm is a little too much for him.   But a photograph would be amazing….?

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  1. Lovely – I am so jealous! No need to think of snakes as slithery – they feel so warm and dry (except when swimming, I guess) to the touch and I’m sure they would walk nicely if they had legs (extinct snakes have been found with stunted legs, so they may once have had legs. They are simply a bit too long for having four legs, which is why they move using muscles and scales. Grass snakes also zig-zag through the water so beautifully. I haven’t seen a grass snake for several years. The last one I saw was a large one swimming in the pool by the spoil heap down Winsor Lane and I don’t know what happened to it. The other was a youngster in an undisturbed meadow/orchard area near our garden that is now divided up into fenced, separate bits of back garden belonging to different neighbours. Otherwise it would have become a building site for housing …..

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