Barn Owl in Rezare

From Alison: ” Last night Eric & I saw a recently fledged (presumably) Barn Owl in the village. It had been born in an owl box put up by a neighbour right in the village itself, with the box sited on a large tree bordering one of the roads. It had already been found in the road a week or so ago and rescued. Eric & I saw it sitting on top of its box making the eerie noise a barn owl makes. It watched us looking at it before flying off down to the road surface a few metres in front of us. It took off again and flew around a corner before, presumably, returning to its box. What a treat, not only to know that we have a Barn Owl living so close to us, but also to see its young and have such a close encounter. I will notify the Barn Owl Trust.”

Thanks Alison for sharing that and what I find so interesting is that the box has been used in that kind of location. I’m hoping to put one up near the top of Stara Woods where it is more open.

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