From moor to coast

Wheatear Kate N

Lots of sightings received these last two days:

Lionel walked around our tors yesterday and reported cuckoo calling to the east of Bearah Tor; common lizard nr Sharp Tor; a dozen golden plover, some in summer plumage, this was nr Kilmar & three wheatear at the east end of the tor.

Peeping hedge-hog Gill from NHill

Gill who has just joined LAPWG, sent trail camera photos of a hedge-hog visiting her garden nr North Hill.

Kate & Gill saw their first wheatear yesterday on their morning walk near the coast plus

Oak eggar moth caterpillar Kate N

what Gill thinks is an oak eggar moth caterpillar and she rescued some toad spawn from a puddle on a farm track. And I forgot to note that they heard a grasshopper warbler for the first time for years a few days ago.

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