Latest wildlife spots~

Walking around Laneast, Dave and Mary saw two Skylarks over the downs which is unusual plus basking adders in their usual place. Plenty of otter spraint down by the river and first Chiff-chaff, Stonechats; and two male Reed Buntings on their bird feeder. Apparently, a Red Kite has been seen along the valley.

Hedge-hog dropping

Down at Saltash, Rosie & Simon have Blue-tits nesting, lots of ladybirds and their first hedgehog sign! Photo turned upside-down so you can read the measurement! 

Irene’s footprint tunnel showed signs of fox, not hedge-hog…. I have another blackbird on nest, this time up in the bay tree next to the greenhouse.

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  1. And I forgot Tony’s sighting of a Grass Snake swimming across our garden pond this afternoon,sunday 5th April.

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