Perhaps it was my new hearing aids, or were the nightjars particularly vocal the other evening?

Last Thursday was a suitable evening and we met a friend who had never heard them; a few LAPWG members also turned up. We kept an acceptable distance apart as we strolled up the track at the local site. The air was still, chilly enough to keep the midges and mozzies away, and the sky was clear, and lit by a glowing red horizon to the west.

As twilight deepened we heard short bursts of churring and then it was more prolonged, ventriloquial , in two tones. It was quite unmistakeable. It was difficult to tell how many there were, but certainly two or three. At intervals we saw the bird, with narrow wings and long tail rather cuckoo-like, flying across the track or a clearing. In flight they give a two-note brief call, repeated several times. As the stars came out, dominated by the bright light of Jupiter fairly low to the SE, it became too dark to see and we retreated after another of the summer highspots.

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