Who will be the first to see and hear the……..?

~ swallows & martins, even a cuckoo.   In the few days since we received our April newsletter, several more firsts have been recorded. The chiffchaffs are well and truly settled; blackcaps are singing but as far as I know, no one has yet seen a house martin or swallow. Possible cuckoo calls heard on the moor near Bearah Tor & Stowes Hill but moving on so not settled. Wheatear are spreading down off the moor; grey wagtails are moving to their breeding territories. Most of the bumble-bees and other mining and flower bees are being seen, as well as oil beetles and bee-flies. Spring butterflies, even a large white have been recorded in the last week or so and the primroses and blackthorn blossom is the best ever!   So, despite the cold winds and mention of wintry showers, birds are nesting so I think spring has arrived…. enjoy.

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