Easter wildlife

Common Lizard KN

From Gill N and Kate on their recent walks come photos (some on home page) of Orange-tip butterflies, lizards (one of eight see sun-bathing), first squill & Early Purple orchids and  what I think maybe an Ashy Mining Bee. Will send photo onto Paddy Saunders together with some of my queries from the garden.

Mining Bee Kate N


Early Purple orchid KN

And a note from Dave G to say they saw 3 Yellowhammers a few days ago.

More and more sightings!

Gill wins the prize(?) for sending in the first Swallow and a photo as a bonus.

Orange-tip butterflies seem to have emerged with the warm weather seen by Gill, Sue today, me yesterday. Sue also reported a Red Kite over St.Clether on the 5th.

Mary & Gill report first Holly Blue butterflies; very bright Speckled Woods in our field and now down in the garden.

The pair of Mistle Thrushes are still guarding their nest against Sparrow Hawk and Grey Squirrel. My photo shows one having a break and after a quick tidy up and a drink from the stream, back it went.

Mary commented on the last blog to add that they had a grass snake in their garden pond.

On Laneast Down, Dave says at least two pairs of skylarks now and Mary saw a Common Lizard, the first for some time.

So, despite the saying ‘One swallow doth not a summer make…’ I think we can say that spring has arrived!


Latest wildlife spots~

Walking around Laneast, Dave and Mary saw two Skylarks over the downs which is unusual plus basking adders in their usual place. Plenty of otter spraint down by the river and first Chiff-chaff, Stonechats; and two male Reed Buntings on their bird feeder. Apparently, a Red Kite has been seen along the valley.

Hedge-hog dropping

Down at Saltash, Rosie & Simon have Blue-tits nesting, lots of ladybirds and their first hedgehog sign! Photo turned upside-down so you can read the measurement! 

Irene’s footprint tunnel showed signs of fox, not hedge-hog…. I have another blackbird on nest, this time up in the bay tree next to the greenhouse.

First sightings…

Many of our members have reported seeing Bloody-nosed and Oil Beetles during March. Butterflies noted include the Brimstone, Comma, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.   Buff-tailed, Early, Tree bumble bees; Hairy-footed Flower bees and small mining bees have been seen in our gardens. But with the current restrictions on non-essential travel who will see the first Swallow, House Martin, Swift and hear the first Cuckoo from their gardens and fields…?

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