Two links mentioned in our newsletter plus a really interesting video about butterfly wings

One is on the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI) about plant & flower ID tips for beginners with downloadable ID sheets. Find this at:

The Royal Society have a series of events to do with ‘You & the Planet’. There was one held recently at the Eden Project about Bio-diversity. These have been videoed and can be viewed at:

There is another piece of research described in a video about the structure and processes within butterfly wings which I forgot to add to the newsletter. The original paper is hard to read unless you have a scientific background but this shows it well:

Woodwise ~ Life in Deadwood (really fascinating…!)

I found a link to a copy of ‘Woodwise’, a journal available on the Woodland Trust website at:

This edition looks at deadwood & decay, great subjects for such a dark and wet day but it is fascinating stuff! In depth but readable… have a look

Cornwall Mammal Group events of interest~

There are two events, one about the work on badger vaccination being carried out in Cornwall (see poster, left), on Weds January 22nd, 7:30pm at Falmouth University and the other (pdf to download below) is a competition for the best short presentation about work with mammals in Cornwall which will take place on April 18th but entries need to be in by March 1st. Please pass on to any students working on mammal projects in the county.

Vic Simpson Prize competition

These are well out of our local area but very relevant and there’s an opportunity to car-share.

The BSBI New Year Plants in flower hunt

Ian Bennallick had organised a botanical group flower hunt down at Perranporth on Wednesday and I was disappointed that I couldn’t go. So did my own here in Middlewood and successfully entered the nine species! They do ask for nil records as well so am not embarrassed. Ian & co found 72 and were fifth in the national list but he always chooses coastal places, not inland edge of Bodmin Moor!

You have one more day, tomorrow, Sunday if you have the time & inclination; it was quite straightforward to use the online form and you can use common names, even just the single name if you are uncertain about the exact species. Next year, I think LAPWG should do one as a group effort. See: