Lezant unimproved habitatLezant parish is on the southern boundary of the Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group, bordered by the steep valleys of the river Inny to the South and West and by the River Tamar to the East. The highest point of 185m is in the SE of the parish at Higher Larrick, above Ruses Mill. The centre of the parish is dominated by a series of valleys, part of the extensive Lowley Brook river system, which drains into the Tamar on the East of the parish, below Greystone Woods. There is a large, active stone quarry at the North East corner and a small Woodland Trust Reserve at Timbrelam, near Greystone Bridge. The largest nature Reserve in the parish is Armstrong Woods, owned by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and is a popular focus for several of our outdoor meetings. There is extensive mixed woodland in the parish. The woods on an organic farm at East Penrest is another popular site for the group to visit. There are many other important areas for our members to visit with local experts and develop their identification skills.          Click on the map to show areas of unimproved habitat in the parish.

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Lezant village and Bodmin MoorLezant has several scenic vistas, non more so than the view down from the cliffs to the River Tamar from Bishop's Rock, Carthamatha close to Inny Foot.

View over Tamar looking north from Bishop's Rock


The Peregrine Falcon, Sparrow Hawks and Ravens are seen regularly in the parish. Roe and Red deer are frequently reported and we discovered several Harvest Mouse nests in 2008 in cultivated fields in the SE of the parish. Moths are recorded regularly at Rezare and a notable insect that came into the light trap was an unusual tree-hopper. There have been several reports, too of Glow-worms in the parish. All the species that the Lezant members have recorded in a regular Wildlife Diary downloadable from the site are show in Findings - a series of automatically updated reports covering statistics and analysis of the species by year and quarter, since 2003.

A wider flavour of the habitat and species being seen by members in the parish can be see in the Image Gallery.

Lezant is one of the 5 initial parishes in the Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group. Details of the other parishes are shown in Parishes and Groups and what we are learning from these groups as a whole is presented in Launceston Area Overview.


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  • Rabbit in long grass
  • Log in a field
  • View into field over gate.
  • Chapel Hill from the West
  • Tamar Valley taken from Hexworthy Barton
  • Pasture and shed.
  • Mowed field near Wellswood
  • Higher Larrick Common
  • Greystone Woods
  • Lezant from the West
  • Wooded Valley SW of Treburley
  • View of Tamar from Hexworthy Barton in Winter (2005)