Chiffchaff nest

Hopefully, the fledglings have safely got away from this little nest made in a corner of our front garden, only about 2′ off the ground but it was well hidden. We noticed the adults, first with beaks of nest material, then going back & forth but only discovered the exact location when watering the front of the border…

Chiffchaff nest from garden

Wildlife up-date for May 11th~

First, the Swifts: seen in Trekenner on May 6th by Ian & Irene, Chris & Travina in Launceston also saw them overhead on the same day. If any one can look for them in Launceston while out on your daily exercise, please look out around the town hall and the College by the old boarding house in Dunheved Road. The Save our Swifts survey has been postponed but send your records to ORKS or look up the RSPB Swift-mapper page to record nesting colonies.

Gill Nicholls walked up near the coast with Jane A and counted at least 65 flowering species although many were named to just genus level so will have been more. Photographed Green Hairstreak & Common Blue butterflies & several Speckled Yellow moths.

Dave & Mary walked out to Buttern Hill and saw Dippers on the Inny ( first for a long time), first Swallows and they caught up with the distant Cuckoo as they approached the moor at Bowithick. Wheatears up on the hill. Back at Laneast, they have Yellowhammers around the village and Down where there are still good numbers of Skylarks.

I have just updated the photos on the home page and it looks like the dragonfly season has started.

And we have a very, very happy Ian McC who has seen his first ever Dormouse in his garden in one of the last places that you’d expect to find one. They do like to surprise us! Hoping for photos and details in time for the newsletter.

From moor to coast

Wheatear Kate N

Lots of sightings received these last two days:

Lionel walked around our tors yesterday and reported cuckoo calling to the east of Bearah Tor; common lizard nr Sharp Tor; a dozen golden plover, some in summer plumage, this was nr Kilmar & three wheatear at the east end of the tor.

Peeping hedge-hog Gill from NHill

Gill who has just joined LAPWG, sent trail camera photos of a hedge-hog visiting her garden nr North Hill.

Kate & Gill saw their first wheatear yesterday on their morning walk near the coast plus

Oak eggar moth caterpillar Kate N

what Gill thinks is an oak eggar moth caterpillar and she rescued some toad spawn from a puddle on a farm track. And I forgot to note that they heard a grasshopper warbler for the first time for years a few days ago.

Easter wildlife

Common Lizard KN

From Gill N and Kate on their recent walks come photos (some on home page) of Orange-tip butterflies, lizards (one of eight see sun-bathing), first squill & Early Purple orchids and  what I think maybe an Ashy Mining Bee. Will send photo onto Paddy Saunders together with some of my queries from the garden.

Mining Bee Kate N


Early Purple orchid KN

And a note from Dave G to say they saw 3 Yellowhammers a few days ago.